6 Home-Making Wedding Gifts for all kinds of Couples

6 Home-Making Wedding Gifts for all kinds of Couples



Weddings can be an intensely exciting experience for the couple and guests. For guests – especially for those new to attending weddings, there can so many questions about preparing, ordering and delivering a gift. Whether for a traditional, heterosexual wedding or same-sex wedding, these articles can answer etiquette questions that many people have about attending a wedding. This article can answer questions and concerns about which home-making gift to get for newlyweds-to-be.


Whether you are attending a friend, son, daughter, cousin or colleague’s wedding, Bedsure Home has a range of quality products that are suitable as wedding gifts. These gifts are great for setting up home or for making an existing home more comfortable, comfy and inviting. If the couple has a marriage registry that lists comfort-inducing home products or bedding products, then chances are that you will be able to find a great gift for them below.


People toasting at a wedding /  Photo by Alisdair Elmes on Unsplash

 Photo by Alisdair Elmes on Unsplash


1. For couples who love to get between the sheets: Bamboo Sheet Set


As gifts, sheets hit all the right spots for couples: They are romantic, comfortable and help them sleep well at night. These Bedsure Bamboo Bedsheets are perfect for summer and autumn, because they’re so breathable. As the sheets are made from renewable bamboo viscose pulp, these soft sheets are great for green thumb couples. The Bedsure Bamboo Sheet Set meets the human and ecological health requirements of Standard 100 certification from OEKO TEX. The sheet set includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 top sheet and 1 pillowcase. Finally, these sheets come in 8 different colors – including Light Blue, Gray, White and Purple, to match any kind of bedroom décor.



 Bamboo Bed Sheets photo by Bedsure


2 For newlyweds who sleep hot and want to sleep cool! Cooling Blankets


For couples that live in a hot climate or who sleep hot and want to cool down, a Cooling Blanket is just the thing. Bedsure’s unique fabric technology disperses body heat, keeping sleepers dry and comfortable all night long. Unique to Bedsure Home’s Cooling Blanket is that is reversible: On one side, nylon and polyester is cool on summer nights, while on the other side, the cotton is warmer for autumn and spring. As an added bonus, the cotton fabric in this blanket has met the human-ecological requirements for Standard 100 from OEKO TEX. This material has achieved Product Class 1 for babies.



Cooling Blanket photo by Bedsure 


3 For people who want to wake up with tangle-free hair: Silk Pillowcases


For fussy couples or those who have had their skin or hair ravaged by dry, rough pillowcases, Bedsure’s Silk Pillowcases make a perfect gift. One of the reasons why silk is well-loved among fashion and beauty experts is because it can help people with long hair enjoy a tangle-free experience and also keep face skin smooth, without pillow-lines. Having 22 Momme weight and density silk, you can be sure that these silk pillowcases are high quality and durable. One of the special benefits of buying Bedsure Silk Pillowcases are that they come with Sleep Eye Masks.



 Silk Pillowcase photo by Bedsure 


4 For those who always wake up with a stiff neck: Memory Foam Pillows


If the newlyweds are older, have had a neck injury or just find it hard to find the right pillow to hold and support their heads while sleeping, then an ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow can help. Bedsure’s Memory Foam Pillow features a design that is like two rising wave –one below the head, one above, so that the head is well cradled. Coming with a removable and washable outer cover, this pillow is soft enough to be gentle, yet firm enough to keep your head from sinking down to the bed. 



Memory Foam Pillow photo by Bedsure


5 For couples who are looking for soft and comfy towels: Cotton Bath Towel Set


Bath towel sets are great for couples and visiting family and friends. They can be used in the main bathroom, the kitchen and guest bathroom. The Bedsure Bath Towel Set has 10 towels in total, including 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 6 wash clothes. They come in Teal, Brown, White and Gray colors. One of the most special things about these towels are that they are soft, thick and a little heavy (650 GSM).



  Cotton Bath Towel photo by Bedsure


6 For newlyweds who live in a place with hot and cold nights: Reversible Warming and Cooling Comforter Set


One of the most comfortable things about being in bed is being underneath a comforter. With unusually high summer temperatures in North America, many people would have packed away their comforter till autumn or winter. That being said, many people – including newlyweds, like to sleep under a sheet and comforter. Perfect for summer nights or unusually warm autumn nights, Bedsure Home’s Reversible Warming and Cooling Comforter Set can make a great gift. The innovative cool-touch fabric helps keep sleepers cool at night, while the reverse side provides warmth. The Bedsure Reversible Warming and Cooling Comforter comes with two pillow shams and one comforter to make a complete bed ensemble. This will help newlyweds not only feel comfy and cozy at night, yet also make their bed look great.


 Reversible Warming and Cooling Comforter photo by Bedsure


These wedding gifts take the stress out of picking a wedding gift. To add a cherry on top, Bedsure Home currently has a Bundle Offer discount when you buy two or more products – so you might just want to buy their wedding gifts and get yourself one too!


*Header photo by Cindy Baffour on Unsplash


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