7 Simple Ways to Plan a Cozy and Comfortable Outdoor BBQ

7 Simple Ways to Plan a Cozy and Comfortable Outdoor BBQ


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North Americans love a backyard BBQ. Whether it’s grilling or smoking with gas, wood, charcoal or charcoal alternatives, there’s something special about the experience of gathering around with family and friends outside, sharing food and drink and having a great time, which leaves fond memories. With 75% of US adults owning a grill or smoker and the majority of them cooking outside all year round, there are many opportunities for people in North America to enjoy an outdoor BBQ.


To make an outdoor BBQ with family and friends – or even workplace colleagues – a great experience, there are a few not-so-magic ingredients. Besides BBQ essentials like festive lights and décor, main dishes, ice and entertainment, tasty side dishes can enrich that delicious chargrilled flavor. With food being a main draw for many people, to keep the grilling going, a smart idea is to use long-lasting, efficient and low-eco impact fuel, like CobbleStones, which are made out of renewable coconut husks. These fundamental elements can keep the party going.


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It’s easy to remember the food and drinks for a BBQ, yet it can be hard to remember that comfort is one of the elements that will keep guests happy. How many of you have been to a BBQ where you’re enjoying socializing, eating and drinking, yet you feel uncomfortable and even sore sitting on a hard wooden deck or plastic chair? And there are so many people there you can’t even find the host to ask them for something soft – and you don’t even want to ask them (you wish they had thought of it beforehand)?


If you’re a BBQ host or hostess and looking for easy ways to create your next BBQ, be sure to check out Bedsure and Harmati’s stylish leisure solutions. These products make it easy for guests to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable (and even cozy).


Woman putting her face next to a soft Bedsure pillow

Alternative Down Pillow photo by Bedsure


Alternative Down Pillows


To cushion guests from hard plastic, metal or wooden chairs, pillows make a perfect addition. Easy to slip on your decking or on chairs before your BBQ, guests will love these sturdy and fluffy pillows from Bedsure. Featuring 900 GSM of alternative down filling, these hotel-like pillows measure 20 x 26 inches, making them big and comfy enough for even the biggest guests! They are also machine washable, so even if someone accidentally spilled some food or drink on them, they can be easily cleaned.


Bedsure pillows and pillowcases in blue, white and gray on a chair

Stain and Fade Resistant Pillowcases photo by Bedsure


Stain and Fade Resistant Pillowcases


A perfect complement to pillows is pillowcases. With some people having so much fun at BBQs that they accidentally spill their drink or food, hosts should make sure they buy stain resistant pillowcases to protect their pillowcases – just in case. Coming with 2 pillowcases per set, Bedsure’s Stain and Fade Resistant Pillowcases are made of soft brushed microfiber. Machine washable, these quality pillowcases come in Gray, Navy Blue and White, making them versatile enough to match with any backyard décor.


Bedsure Cooling Blanket close up

Cooling Blanket photo by Bedsure


Cooling Blankets


With a trend of global temperature increases and higher than normal temperatures for parts of North America, cooling textiles can help to cool the heat. Featuring innovative cool-touch fabric on one side and warmer cotton on the other side, Bedsure’s Cooling Blanket can relieve those hot evenings and warm nights. Available in Blue, Gray and Khaki, this blanket is versatile, comfortable, cool and soft.


Father speaking with daughter wrapped in a Bedsure Flannel Fleece blanket

Flannel Fleece Blanket photo by Noovel


 Flannel Fleece Blankets


As the weather cools in fall – or for anyone who gets cold easily – a flannel fleece blanket can do just the trick. Made of 100% microfleece, Bedsure’s Flannel Fleece Blanket is soft, warm and snuggly – perfect for adults that love softness or kids that love to snuggle. Available in 4 sizes, from throw to king-sized, and 14 colors, this blanket is highly versatile and can match with any décor – including festive BBQ decorations and design.


Harmati gray Monty Ottoman Bench in hallway

Monty Bench photo by Harmati


Monty Benches


For those who need more places to sit for BBQ guests or want a more comfortable place to sit, Harmati’s Monty Bench works wonders. An ottoman style bench is easy to sit down and get up from and is small enough to move around, yet big enough for a couple of people to sit on it. Unique to Harmati’s Monty Ottoman Bench is the fact that it has a velvety fabric on top, smooth edges and a stylish design. Its solid wood legs, clean lines and attractive gray color give it a modern flair, without being too extravagant. Harmati’s Monty Bench also features a lift-away lid with ample storage space, perfect for household items, like extra blankets or kids’ toys – so you can keep them out of site, yet within reach. Monty Benches can be used next to tables for eating meals and set out on a deck to help guests relax and chat.



Atelier Coffee Table with tea pot and cup on it

Atelier Coffee Table photo by Harmati


 Atelier Coffee Table and Side Tables


No social event would be complete without a table for drinks. Harmati’s Atelier Coffee Table is big enough for several people to put their drinks on, yet small enough for family and friends to move around. Made of strong wood and low eco-impact rattan, the Atelier Coffee Table has smooth, rounded edges and a lower-level shelf for things like sparklers, bottle openers or compostable plates. Complemented by the colors of the Monty Bench, Stain Resistant Pillowcases and blankets, the black and khaki Atelier Coffee Table also works very well with round side tables, which can be dotted around your outdoor dining area.


Atelier Side Table photo by Harmati


Memory Foam Dog Sofa


Dogs are popular guests at BBQs! Most people love a friendly pet or two wandering around at an outdoor social event. Bedsure’s Memory Foam Dog Sofa can help your pets feel comfortable and be well rested – and be cleaner than sitting down on the dirt or grass.  Featuring a 2.5” thick memory foam and micro fleece fabric cover, this sofa will fit one medium-sized or two-to-three small dogs (or cats). Plastic studs on the bottom of the pet sofa keep it from sliding and a  washable cover make it easy to clean. This will help to keep your fur baby comfortable and you happy.

Black Labrador and small white and brown dog on Bedsure Memory Foam Sofa

Memory Foam Dog Sofa photo by Bedsure


Discount bundle offer


To help everyone feel comfortable, calm and cozy, be sure to order enough BBQ social event décor, food and drinks. Bedsure’s Bundle Offer helps our customers to enjoy discounts when they buy more products. This can help you plan and prepare the perfect BBQ for your family and friends without breaking the bank. By clicking on the Bedsure links above and scrolling down, you will see the Bundle Offer on the righthand side, below the “Add to Cart” button. After clicking on this and selecting the number of products you want, you will see that the discount has been automatically calculated for you.


*Header photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash


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