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5 Ways to Make Camping Comfortable and Cozy

5 Ways to Make Camping Comfortable and Cozy

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Imagine your campervan is packed and you’re on the road. You’ve been waiting weeks for a vacation and here it is – A week full of travel, camping and hiking in the great outdoors. Your friends are with you. Your partner’s there. You’re over the moon with joy and excitement for what will be a great adventure.


Then you set up camp at a campground and you get into your tent. You try to sleep but you can’t. You forgot to bring a mattress and a sheet. Your sleeping bag is too hot and doesn’t feel soft to the touch. The pillow you have is flimsy and doesn’t fit your neck. It’s a nightmare. You feel like your vacation is over before it even started.


This is an avoidable nightmare. There are rest and sleep solutions for you.


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In 2020, 48.2 million households in North America camped at least once, including 10.1 million who camped for the first time. Regardless of whether camping in a tent, campervan or RV, this recreational activity is becoming increasingly popular as a result of COVID-19. The US Travel Association reported that “68% of people feel much safer traveling by personal vehicle than taking a domestic flight.” Given this perception of safety, it is no surprise that North Americans – as well as UK campers intend to increase their trips this year. In some parts of the UK, 2021 camping bookings are up 500%


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Bedsure Home provides rest, relaxation and sleep solutions for summer travelers. The diversity of fabric sizes, weights and types provides customers with the relaxation and sleep options to help you feel comfortable and cozy.


Here are some ways to feel comfy and cozy – so that summer trip becomes photo-album worthy.


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1 Make sure you have comfortable bedding


The last thing most people want is to have to sleep on hard ground or an uncomfortably hard campervan surface. Finding the right balance of softness and support as well as size and durability is important when camping out. For those looking for an extra level of softness and thickness then a mattress topper will do the job. For those who prefer a firmer sleep or who already have some travel bedding then a mattress pad will help provide greater comfort.


Memory Foam Mattress Topper from Bedsure Home 


2 Get neck support so that you avoid waking up with an aching neck


Equally as important as supporting the spine is bracing and holding the neck. There are a variety of pillow options available. For example, if you prefer a big, puffy hotel-feel in a pillow then this one works well. However, if you need a pillow that is contoured to the shape of your neck then an Ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow is the way to go.


Linen Sheets from Bedsure Home


3 Choose sheets that will be comfortable wherever you are traveling to


Though a sleeping bag can be great if you have hiked to the top of a mountain and want to sleep out, for camp ground or campervan use, a portable mattress, sheets and a blanket are best. This option allows more freedom of movement and comfort – like sleeping at home.


If you’re going to be camping in a hot location with warm nights, then you will need sheets that are breathable and can wick-away sweat, such as the 100% Bamboo Cooling Sheet Set, Moisture-Wicking Sheet Set or 100% Linen Sheet Set.


If you’re going to be in a cooler climate or in the mountains, then a warm sheet set, such as a Flannel Sheet Set will be helpful and comfy.


Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels


 4 A blanket is more comfortable and flexible than a sleeping bag


Blankets are great for sleeping at home and when traveling. They’re also great for wrapping up in and enjoying a nice sunrise or sunset. They allow us to move around, are soft to the touch and easy to wash. Unless you're climbing to the top of a mountain and sleeping out under the stars, a blanket is a great option. If you’re looking for an ultra-soft and plush blanket, then a Flannel Fleece Blanket works well.


If you’re looking for a versatile and durable blanket, then one good option is a 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket. A more breathable and softer version of that is the 50% Bamboo 50% Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket.


Elevated Dog Bed from Bedsure


 5 Help your dog feel comfortable


Why enjoy all the comfort when you can share it with your dog! Dog beds allow dogs, or even other pets, to relax, rest and sleep in comfort. When camping out, they also help keep your dog clean and free from debris.


If you think the ground will likely be muddy or if you’re going to a really hot place, then an Elevated Dog Bed will do just the trick. If you think the ground will likely be dry or you want your dog to have an extra bit of softness, then a Plush Dog Bed will work well.


All these products come in different sizes to fit you, your partner and your sleeping space, so you can fully enjoy your vacation, nightmare-free.



*Note: If you are in the UK, Europe or another country and are keen to buy a Bedsure Home product to make your camping trip more comfortable, please find us on Amazon.


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