Bedsure Electric Mattress Pads

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  • Bedsure heated mattress pad has been carefully designed with an accurate temperature control system with a built-in safety timer, automatically shuts off after 10 hours of constant heat - safer to use
  • Our quilted mattress pad features an auto shut off when exceeding 45 ?? so you don¡¯t have to worry about them overheating
  • For a safer experience, our queen bed mattress pad has the fitted skirt to keep the heating wire from bending
  • Fitted skirt of the mattress pad also holds the mattress in place and fit more comfortably around the bed - flat but smooth sleeping surface
  • Unique coral fleece of the mattress pad feels warm itself. Cloud-like quilted top layer keeps the fill evenly distributed - more comfortable to sleep on
  • Non-bulky, thin wires provide warmth throughout the electric mattress pad without the discomfort of thick heating wires digging into your back or side
  • Dual heater control from this queen mattress pad allows couples to set their preferred temperatures out of the 5 heating options

heated mattress pad
heated mattress pad
heated mattress pad
heated mattress pad
heated mattress pad
heated mattress pad

Bedsure heated mattress pad offers 5 sizes for different bed sizes. Heated mattress pad queen and heated mattress pad king have dual controller to set different temperatures according to various needs. 10hrs auto shut off and overheating cut-off system of the electric mattress pad work well for increased safety. Nothing better than a heated quilted mattress pad to keep you warm in colder months.