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Cooling Pillow $39.99


For All Types of Sleepers

Cooling suits all types of sleepers. This pillow is infused with cooling gel to create a cool-to-touch skin contact. Medium firm support helps muscles relieve pain and get good recover from sleep.

Contour Pillow $29.99

For Back and Side Sleepers

Contour is ideal for back and side sleepers. Designed with high and low loft contour to provide ergonomic support and promotes proper spinal alignment.

Cashew Pillow $45.99

For Stomach and Back Sleepers

Cashew is perfect for stomach and back sleepers. The shape of this pillow adapts to sleep position so that your arms and shoulder can get relaxed during sleep while your neck and back are properly protected from the support.

Why Bio-Zero?

Air Flow

Bio-Zero consists of nanoscale porous structure with up to 95% porosity. This structure ensures rapid heat dissipation and humidity absorption that allows you have consistent temperature for optimal comfort while sleeping.


Bio-Zero contains over 10% natural soy extracts that is eco-friendly and biodegradable. It provides broad spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness and hypoallergenic tested for the most sensitive skin.


Bio-Zero cradles your head and neck without creating unwanted pressure points. It responds instantly to your support needs and conforms to your body shape. The best pillow for neck pain.

Always Soft

The softness of Bio-Zero is not affected by ambient temperature. Whether you are in extremely hot or icy cold weather, Bio-Zero gives you comfort as always.

Credentials of Bio-Zero

Bio-Zero Pillow is compliant with EU REACH regulation, EU RoHS Directive and SGS Certification Services to certify that all components are toxin-free and antimicrobial.

Don't Just Take Our Words

"I've been pretty picky on the pillows. This one is very comfortable to sleep on and shaped very well. Best bed pillow EVERRRR! Some memory foam pillow are not very elastic and doesn't bounce back well. Will definitely buy again after this one is wear."


29 Jan 2019

"I struggle to find a pillow that is comfortable and doesn’t leave me in pain the next morning. This pillow was great. Highly recommend!"


3 FEB 2019

"I have a hard time trying to find a memory foam pillow that does not feel like i am using a brick for a pillow but this is the best pillow i have every had! I also found that i do not wake up with any neck stiffness because this keeps my body all aligned and i get a great nights sleep. As for the cooling i don't really see any comfort in that but that is something i can do without."


2 FEB 2019

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