Mariam and Aden's Sanctuary

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Welcome to our home!

My name is Mariam, and I am excited to share my home with you!
Our place has got this laid-back, vacation-style vibe to it, which is exactly what we need to chill out after a long day. Justin and I are pretty picky about our bedding choice because, let's face it, there's nothing like sinking into soft, high-quality cotton sheets to get that perfect night's sleep.

I picked out a couple of throw blankets for myself and as a gift for Aden, and we just love them! We use them all the time, reading, chilling, or just because. They are incredibly soft and lightweight, talking about a cozy time together! The one I use the most is the Cable Knit Chenille Blanket; It adds a lovely layer of texture and charm to our living room.

We generally decorate our space in subtle colors, but I love to add pops of bright colors with some accent pieces. This quilt is just gorgeous! Its color gives our space a luxurious touch without overpowering our decor, and its clever leaf design was a delightful surprise in how it complemented my room. It's great for extra warmth in the winter and by itself, which is perfect for spring and summer.

Do you appreciate pieces that exude quality and strive for a home environment with a comfortable holiday vibe, like we do? Feel free to draw inspiration from our room. Take care!