The Year of Cozy | 2024 is all about #GettingCozy

The Year of Cozy | 2024 is all about #GettingCozy


 2024 is all about getting cozy. We're making this declaration because, hey, we're Bedsure, the creator of your favorite Flannel Fleece Blanket and Satin Pillowcases, and we've been around to help you get cozy since our founding in 2016.

When it comes to cozy, your definition may vary, and your requirements would also differ, but it all goes back to the roots, which is just an unfancy-ized word for comfort. From the very beginning, we see the phrase get cozy more than a brand slogan; we live the motto in our hearts.

 Cozy, it's the warm embrace of a blanket on a cold night, the soft caress of a pillow after a long day, and the assurance of a good night's sleep on a bed that feels just right. At Bedsure, cozy is not just a physical sensation; it's an emotional state. It's the peace of mind you get knowing you're surrounded by the good things crafted for your well-being.

Here is a brief guidance on how to make your home a little more cozier so you can really make 2024 the year of cozy.


Start with a Solid Foundation of Coziness

Every cozy journey begins with the right foundation, and what better way to start than with a Bedsure Comforter? Our comforters are designed to offer balanced warmth and weight, making them the perfect base for your cozy haven. Whether you're looking for something basic, such as the Down Alternative Comforter, or our luxurious High-Loft Comforter for extra breathability and warmth, each piece invites you to experience comfort in its most luxurious form.


Don't forget to pair up your comforter with a nice cover, so the book looks just as good as its inside, for you to judge.


Elevate and Safeguard Your Bed with a Protector of Coziness

Your mattress is your sanctuary; need we say more about why you should protect your sanctuary? With Bedsure Mattress Covers and Pads, you not only extend the life of your mattress but also enhance its comfort quotient. Our protectors provide an additional layer of softness and protection with waterproof options, ensuring that your mattress remains the ultimate cozy retreat.


However, a mattress cover or pad can be rough to sleep on by itself. Consider getting yourself a cozy sheet set for endless nights of Z's. PS. We recommend something natural, such as the Bedsure Cotton Percale Weave Sheet Set or the Bedsure Rayon Derived from Bamboo Sheet Set, for their skin-friendliness and breathability.


Don't Ignore the Essense of Coziness That is a Comfy Pillow

A great pillow is the unsung hero of a cozy setup. At Bedsure, we think having the right pillow can make a big difference. That's why our range of pillows, from the supportive Memory Foam Pillow to the plush Hotel Pillow, are designed to cater to various preferences, ranging across different heights and softness to align with your individual definition of coziness.


One drawback? Pillows can be hard to clean. Cover it up with a good-looking, style-matching pillowcase or pillow sham to extend the longevity of your pillow, and get some added benefits while at it. Our Satin Pillowcases are available in dozens of different shades of color. We're almost certain you'll find an ideal pillowcase that matches your mood, your vibe, and your preferences.


Think you have everything already? Think again.

No cozy landscape is complete without a cozy blanket. Our flannel fleece blanket is literally the best-selling one on Amazon, and it has the title for many good reasons. Its vibrant colors, solid quality, versatile use cases, and competitive price all point to a blanket you never knew you needed until you had one. They're not just functional; they're a hug in fabric form, ready to wrap you in warmth and comfort.




As we celebrate "The Year of Cozy," we are excited to accompany you on this journey. Let's embrace comfort in all its forms and make 2024 a year to remember – a year where coziness isn't just a concept but a way of life. #getcozy with Bedsure.



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