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Sleep Solutions: What’s the Difference between a Mattress Topper, Pad and Cover?

Sleep Solutions: What’s the Difference between a Mattress Topper, Pad and Cover?

 Woman lying back & enjoying Bedsure's memory foam mattress topper with bamboo charcoal


You’ve got sheets, pillowcase, a blanket and duvet, yet there’s something missing.


Mattress toppers, pads and covers provide many benefits for sleepers. Yet, what are they and how are they different? How do you know which one is most suitable for your home? Bedsure Sleep Solutions have the answers to these complicated and intricate bedding questions.


For whole-body support: Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is a comfortable, layered piece of bedding that providers support and comfort for sleepers. It is thicker than a mattress cover, protector or cover, and often has features these don’t have. If you’re someone who needs to upgrade an old mattress, or simply want to add extra softness to your existing mattress, mattress toppers can be just what the doctor ordered!


Bedsure’s Memory Foam Mattress Topper provides many features to provide full-body support and cozy comfort. It has an ergonomic design, it’s noiseless, breathable and has a removable, washable cover. Not only that, it’s also reversible, with one extra-soft side and the other side providing extra firmness!


Another thing that’s special about this mattress topper is the smart design – made just for your head-to-toe comfort. The top layer is breathable, soft and smooth. The second layer features quality 4” memory foam, which contours to your body shape then reforms to its original shape after getting up. The third layer has strong plastic cylinder pieces that allow air to easily flow through the topper, ensuring that even hot sleepers can feel cooler and dryer than with an average mattress or pad. The fourth layer is a standard foam piece, which gives you spinal support. Finally, the fifth layer has also been designed for breathability. Summed together, these layers create a luxuriously comfortable and cozy sleep experience.


Bedsure memory foam - person's handprint on foam

Bedsure memory foam - photo by Bedsure


For an even more comfortable and cozy experience, Bedsure has a new mattress topper that provides all the features and benefits of the Memory Foam Mattress Topper plus more.


The Bedsure Memory Foam Topper with Odor-Absorbing Bamboo Charcoal features 4 firmness levels and 3 zone support for head, neck/back and legs. This supports both the upper and lower back as well as the spine. The rebound memory foam contours around your body, while a base layer provides support and stability.


Special features of this topper include bamboo charcoal infused foam for the heat area – absorbing smells – and green tea fragrance-infused foam for the head and shoulders area. This gives a soft and relaxing spa-like experience at home.


To top it off, the polyurethane foam in this product has been tested for harmful substances and has fulfilled the requirements of Standard 100 by OEKO TEX®. This meets the strict OEKO TEX® requirements for product class 2, which are for those that have direct skin contact.


Woman sleeping face down on Bedsure memory foam mattress topper with bamboo charcoal

 Memory Foam Topper with Bamboo Charcoal - photo by Bedsure


For mattress protection: Mattress Covers

A mattress cover or protector is a thin material that is intended to protect a mattress from dust, dirt, stains and grime. According to Home Guiding:


Most mattress manufacturers recommend using a protector. In fact, some warranty conditions require that you use one as well.
That’s because the very nature of a mattress protector is to protect your investment from liquids and dirt or debris that would otherwise damage it over timeMattresses are expensive purchases that need proper care for their durability and life span.


So, if a mattress is a crown jewel – an investment – then a mattress cover is like a jewel case. It will help to prolong the life of your high-quality mattress, ensuring that stays clean for years to come.


Bedsure's Quilted Mattress Cover and Protector provides all the essentials for adult and children beds at home as well as for grandparents who may be in a hospital or hospice care facility. This Bedsure mattress cover features soft and strong microfiber and a fully elastic pocket that can cover mattresses up to 21” deep. Unlike cotton, this polyester microfiber, which features careful, clean stitching, will hold its shape, even after many washes. The fact that it’s available in 7 different sizes in the US, makes it highly versatile for all your family’s bedding needs.


Person sleeping on white Bedsure quilted mattress cover

Quilted Mattress Cover - photo by Bedsure 


Combined comfort and mattress protection: Mattress Pads

Mattress pads provide some comfort for sleepers as well as mattress protection. They can provide “the best of both worlds” between mattress toppers and covers.


Mattress toppers are great for people who want a little bit extra comfort while they sleep as well as improved protection of their mattresses. They come in different layers of thickness and different fabrics, including cotton and polyester. They’re often not waterproof, yet they do provide some protection from pet pee, dirt and spills.


To meet the different needs of customers, Bedsure has developed mattress pads with different features and benefits – including for warm and cool weather. This way, sleepers can get their “beauty sleep” night after night, year after year.


For warm climates, Bedsure’s 3D Air Fabric Mattress Pad can be the perfect fit. The product features breathable and soft bamboo rayon as well as durable polyester with good color fastness. Elastic skirting keeps the mattress pad in place, and can cover up to 15” in mattress depth. A special geometric, zigzag design provides a stylish look while also allowing air to flow more easily through the top layer of the fabric. As an added bonus, the product is smooth, soft and noiseless, so it won’t wake up your partner if you happen to get into bed late.


Person lifting up stained Bedsure mattress pad with geometric pattern to show protected mattress

3D Air Fabric Mattress Pad - photo by Bedsure 


For cool or cold climates, Bedsure has a pad that can keep you extra warm. The Heated Mattress Pad includes 5 heat settings and a 10 hour timer with auto shut-off. A dual controller allows for two different temperature heating zones, just in case one sleeper in a couple prefers a cooler or warmer temperature than the other.


A fitted sheet skirt keeps the pad in place and also prevents the wires from bending. A thin wire provides heat across the whole bed, and the system has an automatic shut off if the temperature starts to exceed 45° F.


This warming mattress pad is available in 4 different sizes, which allows you to gift it to your whole family!


Bedsure heated mattress pad showing dual heating function with different temperatures on each side


Heated Mattress Pad - photo by Bedsure 


Sleep Advisor further describes some of the health and comfort benefits for mattress toppers and pads:


Both products provide a way to customize and update a bed without paying hundreds of dollars for a new one altogether. While some consumers choose to purchase one of these products to add extra comfort, others may need to invest in one for health reasons. For example, if you have frequent back pain, the added support could help minimize the pain.
We know that a good night’s rest is also part of living a healthy life, and if the added layer helps you sleep better, that is also a health-related reason to buy one.


By having the right bedding, you can ensure that you get the quality sleep that’s essential for good health and also enjoy your time in bed even more – whether for reading, sleeping, hanging out with your pet or being intimate with your partner.


Before choosing a mattress topper, pad or cover, it’s helpful to first find out what you would most like to improve about your sleep experience. Do you need more whole-body support and shut-eye? Or, do you have a baby or pet that sometimes pees or vomits on your bed and you need extra mattress protection?


Once you’ve decided which product you need then it’s easy for you to buy the product that works for you, your family or guests. And that’s a solution that will make you sleep tight, night after night.


Woman reading book on top of Bedsure hybrid memory foam mattress topper with bamboo charcoal

Memory Foam Topper with Bamboo Charcoal - photo by Bedsure


Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about Bedsure mattress toppers, pads or covers.


*Header photo by Bedsure


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