Calming Donut Bed for Dogs and Cats

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Size: 23x23x8
Size Guide

Duvet Cover Sets Size Guide

Size Duvet Cover + Pillowsham/Pillowcase Size Suitable size of duvet insert + pillow
Twin Duvet Cover(68"X90") + Pillowsham (20"X26") 68"x88" + 20 "x26"
Full/Queen Duvet Cover(90"X90") + Pillowsham (20"X26") 88"x88" + 20 "x26"
King Duvet Cover(104"X90") + Pillowsham (20"X36") 102"x90" + 20"x36"
Cal King Duvet Cover(104"X98") + Pillowsham (20"X36") 102"x96"+ 20"x36"
Tolerance Duvet Cover: '+2/-0 inches; Pillowsham:+1/4 ~ -1/4 inches; +2/-1 inch pillow:+1/2 ~ -1/2 inches



Sheet Sets Size Guide

Size Flat Sheet + Fitted Sheet + Pillowcases Size Suitable Size of Mattress of Fitted Sheet

Flat Sheet(66"x96") + Fitted Sheet(39"x75"+14") + Pillowcase(20"x30")

38"x75"x8-16", 39"x75"x8-16"
Twin-XL Flat Sheet(66"X100") + Fitted Sheet(39"X80"+14") + Pillowcase(20"x30") 38"x80"x8-16", 39"x80"x8-16"
Full Flat Sheet(81"x96") + Fitted Sheet(54"x75"+14") + Pillowcase(20"x30")*2 53"x75"x8-16", 54"x75"x8-16"
Queen Flat Sheet(90"X102") + Fitted Sheet(60"X80"+14") + Pillowcase(20"x30")*2 60"x80"x8-16"
King Flat Sheet(108"x102") + Fitted Sheet(78"x80"+14") + Pillowcase(20"x40")*2 76"x80"x8-16"
Cal King Flat Sheet(108"x102") + Fitted Sheet(72"x84"+14") + Pillowcase(20"x40")*2 72"x84" x8-16"



Mattress Cover Size Guide

Size Mattress Cover Size Suitable Size of Mattress
Twin 39"x75"+15" 38"x75"x8-16",39"x75"x8-16"
Twin-XL 39"x80"+15" 38"x80"x8-16",39"x80"x8-16"
Full 54"x75"+15" 53"x75"x8-16",54"x75"x8-16"
Queen 60"x80"+15" 60"x80"x8-16"
King 78"x80"+15" 76"x80"x8-16"
Cal King 72"x84"+15" 72"x84"x8-16"



Comforter Sets Size Guide

Size Comforter + Pillowsham Size Suitable Size of Pillow
Twin Comforter(68"x88"), Pillowsham(20"x26") 20x26"
Full/Queen Comforter(90"x90"), Pillowsham(20"x26")*2 20x26"
King Comforter(104"x90"), Pillowsham(20"x36")*2 20x36"
Cal King Comforter(104"x96"), Pillowsham(20"x36")*2 20x36"



Quilt Sets Size Guide

Size Quilt + Pillowsham Size Suitable Size of Pillow
Twin Quilt: 68"x86", Pillowsham: (20"*26")*1 20"x26"
Full/Queen Quilt: 90"x96", Pillowsham: (20"*26")*2 20"x26"
King Quilt: 106"x96", Pillowsham: (20"*36")*2 20"x36"


Color: Coffee