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Mattress Pads, Protectors, Toppers and Encasements: Which Do You Need?

Mattress Pads, Protectors, Toppers and Encasements: Which Do You Need?

Adding an Extra Layer of Comfort with a Mattress Pad

What it is: A mattress pad is a thin layer of quilted material that is placed on top of a mattress, usually under a fitted sheet. It wraps around the sides of the mattress and is typically held in place with elastic edges.

What is does: Mattress pads are primarily designed to protect the surface of a mattress from stains and general wear and tear. They’re usually quite thin, but they can sometimes add a slight layer of cushioning to an otherwise firm mattress.

You should consider a mattress pad if:

  • You sweat a lot during the night and want to prevent mattress stains;
  • You don’t need a thick topper but still want to add a layer of softness;
  • You want something light to protect your mattress that can be easily removed, machine washed, and packed for storage.


Protect Your Investments with a Mattress Topper

What it is: A mattress topper sits on top of the mattress, and the depth of your mattress doesn’t matter. It can be made of memory foam, latex foam, down/down alternative. Most toppers are one to three thick (A thin mattress topper, 1-2”can slightly adjust the overall feel of your mattress or a thicker topper, 3-4”can provide a complete overhaul!).

What is does: Mattress toppers are built for comfort. The toppers are designed to align with your spine while relieving pressure points. That helps you wake up relaxed and ready to face the day, without any morning stiffness and soreness.

You should consider a mattress topper if:

  • Your old mattress is too firm or uneven, but you can’t or don’t want to buy a new one just yet;
  • You have a temporary need for a softer sleep surface, for example, due to an injury;
  • You are looking for a layer that will adjust the feel and comfort level of a mattress.


Keep Your Bed Protected with a Mattress Protector/Encasement

What it is: A mattress protector is thin and usually waterproof- designed to sit directly on the surface of your mattress like a fitted sheet. Protectors are rarely quilted, and most will not alter the feel of a mattress to any noticeable extent.

What is does: Mattress protectors are designed to repel liquids and keep your mattress in like-new condition. “Full encasement” protectors (the zip-around kind) are particularly important if you have concerns about bed bugs - you can shop Zippered Waterproof Mattress Encasement at Bedsure!

You should consider a mattress protector if:

  • You need to prevent bed bugs;
  • You have pets or children that are likely to cause a mess;
  • You live in a humid region and you want to keep your mattress from soaking up moisture that could lead to mold.


Buying Guide For You

We offer queen memory foam mattress toppers, twin XL cotton mattress pads, king waterproof mattress protectors/encasements—making them ideal for the whole family. Our mattress pads, toppers and protectors come in a variety of sizes, thickness, materials, and comfort levels. Check out Bedsure’s selection for you today, so you can add comfort to every bed in the house!


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