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Fall and Winter 2021 Interior Décor Trends and Bedsure Fabrics

Fall and Winter 2021 Interior Décor Trends and Bedsure Fabrics
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Interior décor trends that began earlier in 2021 continue well into fall and beyond. Magazines editors in publications like Better Homes and Gardens, Ideal Home, Livingetc and Trend Book have identified the top 2021 trends that provide guidance to interior decorators and homemakers, alike. Made for a wide variety of people, including homemakers, many of Bedsure’s product lines – such as Bedsure sheets and Bedsure pillowcases – reflect 2021 interior design and interior decoration trends happening in places like the US, UK, Canada and Europe. Interior textiles provide excellent opportunities for both helping families and guests feel at home, yet also freshen up bedrooms, guest rooms, living rooms and kid play rooms with trending styles, patterns and colors. Bedsure’s on-trend home products range from blankets and pillowcases to sheet sets and comforter sets.


As identified by Vogue’s interior designer and decorator consultants, the key word defining 2021 is comfort. According to Martyn Lawrence Bullard, “Comfort, practicality, and making your home your sanctuary on every level” is a core focus for many people this year. Comfort and coziness continue to be a mainstay for 2021. Come check out interior décor trends that align with Bedsure fabrics, which can make your and your loved ones’ home a sanctuary.


White Tufted Duvet Cover Set by Bedsure in bedroom

 Tufted Duvet Cover Set by Bedsure


Classic Style: Bedsure Bamboo Sheets


A classical style creates an elegant, timeless feeling in the home. Classic can also mean sophistication and distinction, and like black, it never goes out of fashion.


Bedsure bamboo sheets provide strong hues, a beautiful drape and versatility for any bedroom in the house. Available in 12 colors like gray, black, burgundy and teal, Bedsure’s Bamboo Sheet Set can unify different elements in a room and create a positive evergreen feeling.


Gray blue Bedsure bamboo bedsheets

 Bamboo Bedsheets by Bedsure


Honest home comfort: Bedsure Silk Pillowcase


Many people associated home with comfort and coziness. In the aftermath of COVID-19, many people are making their homes as cushy, warm and welcoming as possible. For many, comfort means softness, gentleness, warmth and coziness.


Silk is renowned for its softness, smoothness and breathability. Bedsure pillowcases are soft, come in a range of colors and are affordable. Featuring 100% Mulberry Silk, the high quality Bedsure Silk Pillowcase is available in black, white and light gray. This silk pillowcase is gentle on the skin and hair, helping people wake up feeling totally at ease. It is comfortable as a bed pillow or to prop against to when reading or watching a movie, creating a sanctuary at home.


Champaign and black silk Bedsure pillowcases

 Silk Pillowcases by Bedsure


Granny chic style: Bedsure Tufted Duvet Cover


The new Granny Chic style – or “grandmillennial style”, as it’s sometimes known – combines the old – and well-loved granny style of antiques, knitted quilts and the like – with modern elements. This style focuses on both comfort, easiness and coziness as well as nostalgic design pieces, patterns, fabrics and colors.


Bedsure’s Tufted Duvet Cover Set features grandma style raised tufts of fabric and modern-day microfiber for a granny chic style that will turn heads. This Bedsure duvet cover features an embroidered design, hypoallergenic microfiber and 8 ties to hold the duvet insert in place. The Bedsure Tufted Duvet Cover Set can help people feel as comfortable as if they were at their grandma’s home, yet with the convenience of modern day.


Bedsure Tufted Duvet Cover on bed in bedroom

 Tufted Duvet Cover Set by Bedsure 


Natural materials: Bedsure Linen Sheet Set


In 2021, there has been a renewed interest in natural, plant-based materials and fibers, like rattan, linen, jute and hemp. These nature-based fabrics tend to be breathable, soft and comfortable. They also align with interior design and decoration interest in natural colors like deep green and calming blue.


Bedsure sheets are all soft and many are made of natural fibers like cotton and linen. The Bedsure Linen Sheet Set is made from high quality French linen and is available in a natural, brownish linen color, gray, blue gray and pure white. One of the oldest textiles in the world, linen fabric is made from natural flax fibers. This sheet set includes a fitted sheet, top sheet and 2 pillowcases. With each washing, linen becomes softer and more absorbent. This Bedsure Linen Sheet set can help make a home look more natural and organic-looking.


Bedsure Linen Sheet Set on twin-sized bed

 Linen Bedsheet Set by Bedsure


Structured simplicity: All Season Alternative Down Comforter


A design with structured simplicity exemplifies the popular minimalism movement happening globally. With functional elements and simple – yet attractive designs, a Nordic interior brings a feeling of understated sophistication, comfort and relaxation. Several of the Bedsure comforter sets that are available both on this website and Amazon have this stylish yet simple Nordic design.


Featuring clean-lined baffle box stitching, Bedsure’s Alternative Down Comforter creates a sense of order and calmness in the bedroom. This Bedsure comforter features 100% microfiber for warm and softness, as well as 300 GSM of weight for a cozy feeling. Available in 6 sizes and 8 colors, this comforter is versatile enough for bedroom, living room or even during a backyard BBQ.


White Down Alternative Comforter on bed in bedroom

 Alternative Down Comforter by Bedsure


Nature-Inspired Colors: Bedsure Cationic Dyeing Comforter Set


Nature and earth-inspired colors have been mentioned by a couple of different interior design and decoration magazines as being a trend for 2021. With many people having had to quarantine or restrict their movements, earth colors help people feel more grounded, even when inside. Greens, browns, grays and blues can help to create a nature-like experience inside. Many of the company’s comforters have nature-like colors, including the Bedsure comforter set mentioned below.


Bedsure’s Cationic Dyeing Comforter Set features colors like gray, beige and light pink to help people feel a stronger sense of nature in the bedroom. The cationic dyeing process creates a tonal effect, with the fabric looking more natural, like gray granite rock, for example.


Gray Cationic Dyeing Bedsure Comforter Set on bed in bedroom

 Cationic Dyeing Comforter Set by Bedsure


*Header photo by Bedsure  


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